About Ageless Health Spa and reviews

Conveniently located in Washington DC area, Ageless is a full-service wellness center and spa which is dedicated to achieving maximum health through an innovative integration of traditional Oriental and modern Western medicines. Our experienced Oriental medicine doctors and spa therapists provide a broad range of services customized for individual client's lifesyle improvement. Whether you are looking for relief from pain or improvement of overall fitness, there is a program here especially for you.Come let us guide you on your new journey towards a healthier and happier life... 

 Our services are basically categorized into the following areas


*Swedish Oil
*Deep Tissue
*Hot Stone
*Lymphatic drainage 


 Colon hydrotherapy
* Sauna detox
* Hair test:
   Heavy metal and     
   mineral deficiency test
*Herbal supplement 


Will F.

Wow y learned about colon hydrotherapy I decided to try this place at the beginning I was very nervous about it but after I met Jenny she explained to me all the process and how it work ,this has been amazing I did 3 treatments in 3 weeks and my Heath has improved a so much and i loose two size on pants in 3 weeks ,I definitely recommend this place and especially Jenny she is so professional and Great customer service .

Allison W.

This place is useless. I had a gift card with no expiration date and the receptionist said they wouldn't honor it because of a change in owner. I've had a massage here before and it was mediocre. Will not be returning here and would not recommend.

John F.

Since I am not able to go to my orginal meeting time for four hands on Monday, Jenny The Manager said she could fit me in on Saturday. The place was busy when I walked in. I saw a couple sitting in some chairs waiting for their turn. I also hear a gentleman getting a colonic. This is the second massage spa that I have known does colonics. I have seen a number of bad reviews about the massage being to week or the staff member not being experienced. When I came in I was all set to get someone who may or may not be experienced. I was all set to stop the massage if my staff member continues to walk in and out of the room to answer the phone. As I waited for my turn for a massage, I used the restroom and saw it is heavily used, but clean. The trash can spoke high volumes. After I left the restroom, I waited around for several more minutes. I recalled hearing Jenny say leave your underwear on to the couples who were getting a massage. My mind raced back to a few massage places that wanted clients to wear their underwear, yet when your lower back is massaged, your asscrack is going be uncovered...(gee this sounds like something I have said before)... I mentally shook my head to clear that thought. A few minutes later, Jenny came to collect me. As it turn out, I was given the royalty room right in front of the front desk. Jenny asked me to remove my clothes, but leave my underwear on. After telling me this, she stepped out of the room to give me some privacy. Striping down to my underwear (A Pair of Thieves Extended Breifs black and purple thank you very much) I got under the covers. The room was fairly warm so i did not feel cold. I waited for a few minutes thinking about we jo would be knocking on the door. I thought to myself, "what if Jenny the manger knocked on the door to give me a massage?" The answer that came to mind was, "that would be nice." The neck came at the door and who should appear, Jenny the manger showed up. She told me she is licensed masseuse and helps out when the store is busy. Before she massaged me she asked if I wanted medium or hard massage. I went medium to find out what her version of medium is. Turns out medium was just right. We talked and I found out if it gets to busy, staff members from Lan Foot Spa can drive over. I informed her I had been there last year. She seemed surprised, but happy I had been there. I learned the owner of Lan Foot Spa is also the owner of this establishment too. She told me the colonics are very popular here and if I wanted to try it, I could. I have had colonics before, but today wasn't the day for me. I will read the reviews on it and then make up my own mind. Jenny's massage was nice, but I did not want to fall asleep. Not that I could..., the uncomfortable feeling I had of yesterdays accident gave me discomfort. Antibiotics ointment along with liquid bandage (yes I still have that stuff. Hard to find if they still make it.) Worked wonder form getting infections. ( I know what your saying..."Good Lord man, do you know how might that stuff will burn and sting?" "Yeah man I do. It had to be done or I would not have gotten a massage." My job requires a lot of sitting and so my lower back hurts at times. Apparently I developed a lot of knots that needed to be worked on. The first hour seemed to fly by and before it was all said and done, I had been there for two and a half hours. I noticed while I was getting my chest and stomach, Jenny looked like she was either falling asleep herself, or in deep thought. If only I could read minds...mmm...this might not be a good thing...once you know, you can't get it out of your head..."what about jumping into other people's body's and controlling them?" " I think that could be useful certain situations, but that power would be abused, so the answer is no." "What if...." " enough John..can we get back to the review please?" Jenny did a wonderful job and I will be back for another visit with her being my go to masseuse. If I do the four hands massage, it will be Jenny and another masseuse. If I am feeling up to it (after some careful thought) I might try out the colonic machine. We will have to see.

Liz S.

Ageless Health Spa was able to take me same day for a 60 minute hot stone and 30 minute foot reflexology. They honored the groupon price for the hot stone which was great. The place is not a true spa setting, but was clean and professional. I had an OK massage, not great and even a little painful at times. Still was not bad but did not seem professional. What makes me not want to return is that they had me pay before the service, and then write in my tip after the service was complete. After I wrote in my tip amount, the woman at the counter tried to harass me into tipping more in front of my masseuse.

Felicia C.

I came here for colon hydrotherapy because I purchased the groupon. I've never gotten colon hydrotherapy done before, so this is me just trying new experiences since I've heard good things about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. I purchased a groupon for three visits. Originally, three visits would cost about 6, but I paid 4 with my groupon. CLEANLINESS/ENVIRONMENT: The place itself was pretty dark, likely because they do massages behind curtains rather than separate rooms with doors. The place doesn't seem very aesthetically pleasing or trendy. But regardless, It is still clean and tidy and does not deter me from going there again. CUSTOMER SERVICE: My review is based off the service I received from two different people among my three visits. My first visit, the woman that serviced me seemed to be very giggly, which came off as unprofessional considering I was getting ready to cleanse my colon aka release a lot of waste through my anus. And It wasn't the best first experience because she did not seem highly knowledgeable or even comfortable with servicing me. I was going into this not knowing much, so It was definitely an awkward first experience. My second and third visits were much better because a different person serviced me this time. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and made you feel very comfortable about the entire process. We talked a bit and she clarified that she is the one that does all the colon hydrotherapy appointments typically. And so knowing that, I felt better about the experience and it did clarify why my first experience wasn't so great regarding customer service in respect to experiencing your first colon hydrotherapy session. COLON HYDROTHERAPY: It was an interesting experience. It's a tad bit uncomfortable and It takes some getting used to to lay down and release. It does give you cramps and such, so it's not so pleasant, but I guess it is worth it for the cleansing experience. To receive the most benefit, you should be eating clean before and after. I will leave It up to the professionals to explain in detail though because I don't want to spread false info. So these are just my personal thoughts and experiences. CONCLUSION: I would say that it is worth buying the Groupon just to checking out colon hydrotherapy. I'm sure the experience is different for everyone. As far as trying this place out specifically, yes, I would go back, as long as the person that typically services the colon hydrotherapy sessions is the only one that works with the customers for those sessions. Since I'm comfortable with the procedure, I'd definitely try this place out in the future if I have an itching for It again.

Em B.

I had a couples massage with my boyfriend. The massage lady massaged his head & he just got his dreadlocks retwisted, he attempted to tell the woman to stop but she didn't. He was highly upset because she messed up his hair & had to get it redone. We will not be back.

About Ageless Health Spa and reviews  About Ageless Health Spa and reviewsAbout Ageless Health Spa and reviews