Be as you are for your underwear

Hello girls!
Surely when you read the title of this post, have you stayed? So more or less (if I put you question marks each one understands how you want it!)
But I was not kidding today I bring you new ones > tricks for girls , in this case it's about tricks with the color of the underwear.

This gives us details of how each person is, so if you know the color of a person's underwear, you will know his personality.

Color flesh: if you wear underwear of this color you are a girl practices and concurs confidence in yourself.
Rosa: You tend to be the girl you are looking for or yaha found her charming prince. You are feminine and innocent.
White: is the color of purity and natural beauty. Girls who use this type of color are quiet people with a lot of confidence in themselves.
Green: a girl independent.
Black: people who wear underwear of this color are brave, strong, clean and ambitious They are people who hide their feelings but reach a point where they can cry even with Bambi's movie.
Red: they are girls with a lot of energy, passionate and with a lot of confidence.
Lila: a spiritual girl and with her feet the earth.
Gray: I hope none of you use this color because it means you're a girl who gets depressed easily.
So let's look at what color you have the most if it's not worth looking at the New Year's underwear collection.

And if you want to know as it is someone, and you can fix them to know what color the underwear, I think it is a difficult task.

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Did you know these secrets of your inner clothing r?