Guylond Makeup

Hello girls!
Today I want to tell you about makeup and feminine cosmetics of Guylond.
Guylond is an international women's cosmetics company based in Spain, France and the Netherlands. They manufacture a wide range of accessories and high quality cosmetic products, distributed nationally and internationally, consisting of makeup cases, bath products, makeup brushes, hair accessories, manicures, pedicures and applicators.
I show you the things that I have of this brand and I will give you my opinion of each product, if you are interested or have any signature.
guylond cosmetics
Pack of 5 eye shadows, are very bright colors that pigment very well and work in a simple way. I had never tried eye shadows in pencil format, but after trying these are sure to try more. I would like to try them in more subdued colors like brown, black, white, more wearable in day to day.
pencil eye shadows

And so good pigment in a single pass and without a shadow base.

eye shadow
Makeup palette guylond which contains 8 eyeshadows, a blush and two small brushes. I also pigment very well I'll show you in another entry if I get some look in conditions. But for now it's a palette that I'm really enjoying, for everyday use.
guylond makeup palette
No Is it gorgeous? That's how nice it is on the outside, which by the way also serves as a mirror.
guylond makeup palette
nail file guylond , you can find it in many colors. It is a very good nail file, because unlike others that I have tried, it does not split your nails.
nail file guylond
- Pack of 5 nail enamels of 4 ml each. They are beautiful colors for summer. I'll upload manicures with remember my post Because you do not buy products that test on animals because if you are thinking about this brand DO NOT TESTA IN ANIMALS it's more the first time I see the bunny in a box look: div>
makeup without parabens
Also, as you can see in the picture, they do not have parabens
What do you think of the guylond makeup ? Kisses