Premium samples

Hello girls!
Today I bring you the new monthly food box SamplesPremium called Miss Spring ! Premium Samples is a monthly box made up of three boxes in one, since we can get at least 5 products in real size or beauty trip/personal care, home care and food for only € 15.91 per month.
This time I have endured and I have not opened it until I have taken the photo.
monthly food box

Good looking, right?

monthly food box
In the first bag we find:
- Shandy Orange (Cruzcampo) is the combination of beer and orange with the best of each one. It is a drink with pleasant, smooth, refreshing and easy to drink flavor.
Bring the real size , 2 cans of 33 cl.
(I love Shandy, I think you already know because it's called my bitch )
- Vivesoy Pielvital: is the new and delicious 100% vegetable oatmeal drink from Vivesoy that takes care of your skin! Oats are a cereal that has always been present in our Mediterranean diet. It is the easy way to take care of yourself and incorporate it into your diet.Vivesoy Pielvital brings what no other oatmeal drink gives you: Biotin, which will help you to care for and maintain your skin in normal conditions.Also it is a source of calcium and vitamin D. Product in real size , 1 liter.
- Chickpeas with spinach , this is a range of recipes typical of our cuisine that stands out for its excellent flavor and its healthy attributes. In fact, it is made with only natural ingredients, it is 100% vegetable and cooked with olive oil. We must emphasize its low caloric value per serving (around 250 kcal/ration) in the case of a dish that can be considered as a single dish. Ideal for lunch and dinner any day of the week. Real size product , 425 gr.
shandy cruzcampo
The second bag is feminine cosmetics and this time brings:
- Acqua lash mascara water proof, a resounding volume combined with the benefits of a formula water proof to achieve intensely marked lashes with a guaranteed duration. Perfect for going to the gym or the pool and for wedding makeup. Ideal to maintain a perfect look to heat, humidity or emotions. It keeps the eyelashes curved and at the same time soft and elastic. Waterproof packaging to guarantee the waterproof quality. Especially studied to respect the skin, eyelashes and eyes. Without Parabens and TEA free. Product in real size .
- Heart mega bubbles , is an effervescent heart of intense fragrance to enjoy a pleasant and stimulating bath.Mine could not tell you that the glitter musk although you do not pay much attention to me ... but whatever it smells of wonder, I'll tell you by instagram when I try it!
feminine cosmetics
And in the third pouch:
- Vivesoy vidactiva , en the new and exquisite almond milk 100% vegetable Vivesoy that will help you maintain vitality! Almond is the most cultivated nut in the Mediterranean region.It is the easy way to take care of yourself and incorporate it into your diet. Original size , 1 liter.
- Pickled chicken breast, chicken meat It is naturally rich in high quality proteins and minerals, and highly recommended in low fat diets. Casa Matachín brings you this recipe, healthy, natural and homemade flavor so you can add it to your salads, pasta or rice whenever you want, quickly and easily. Product in real size , 2 cans of 90 gr.
monthly food box

I liked this little box although I have to tell you ... the truth first of all I missed something ... I do not know maybe we are used to potatoes, cookies, chocolate that I eat is to get the box, although of course it is a box with plant foods and full of energy because they would not be appropriate for this box either.

What do you think of the monthly food box ? Kisses