The best lucky charms

Hello girls!
Since I wrote the post about the Fatima Hand , I have received a lot of emails asking about lucky charms or even to buy the hand of Fatima, but you know that gifts should not be sold.
That's why today I bring a list with my best lucky charms and what each one means:
1. Horseshoe: attracts good luck, say that if you put it on the door of the house or business protects you from all of them.
horseshoe of good luck
2. Pentagram: is a star enclosed in a circle. It is said that when a person wears it he can see things and he protects it.
lucky staff
3. Cruz de Caravaca: protects you against diseases but it is not worth buying it, it has to be a gift.
cross of caravaca de la suerte
4. Key : to have a full and satisfying life.
lucky keys
5. Elephant: is the symbol of power, wisdom, peace and happiness.
lucky elephant
Believing or not believing in the amulets depends on each one, a case of those who believe is Barak Obama, who during the electoral process charge his pocket of talismans a poker chip, a pin in the form of an eagle, a small elephant, a Hindu god, the Bracelet of a soldier killed in Iraq, unpair of Virgins and some old coins.
And do you have any lucky charm? ? Kisses